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July 31 2017

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July 26 2017


July 04 2017

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June 10 2017

Połowa zła na tym świecie wynika stąd, że ktoś chce się czuć ważnym.
— T.S. Eliot
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June 07 2017

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June 01 2017

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May 22 2017

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May 16 2017


April 26 2017

April 18 2017

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Pine hawk-moth (Sphinx pinastri).
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“This generation has lost the true meaning of romance. There are so many songs that disrespect women. You can’t treat the woman you love as a piece of meat. You should treat your love like a princess. Give her love songs, something with real meaning. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but to respect the woman you love should be a priority.”
— Tom Hiddleston
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April 14 2017

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April 12 2017

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April 10 2017

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A Friend To You. 

A repost from my ALIEN 35th anniversary posters. It’s now available officially licensed from Acme Archives here http://www.acmearchivesdirect.com/product/ALN06L/A-Friend-to-You.html?cid=

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A snow leopard cub that fell asleep during playtime by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard

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